American Film Institute MFA Screenwriting

Los Angeles 2010


BLACKSTAR is a prestige historical drama that depicts the meteoric rise and fall of the UNITED NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (UNIA) through the lens of the two women Garvey married — both named Amy — former best friends turned enemies who held the organization together through its many trials and tribulations. (The Crown with the irreverence of The Great)

THE BACOO (Limited Series)

Sandrine Batson’s efforts to reconcile with her estranged nine-year-old daughter through a series of court-appointed visits is complicated when she discovers a terrifying creature known as a Bacoo living in her home. (Babadook meets Nanny)

THE SHUT INS (Limited Series)

An East African asylum seeker mired in interminable bureaucratic red tape, ZAWADI “SAINT” MEMBO finds a sense of purpose delivering Meals On Wheels to vulnerable seniors in downtown Toronto. But when Saint’s idea of “caring” goes well beyond regular volunteer duties she discovers dark and disturbing experiments are being carried out on the elderly, triggering her own repressed trauma as a survivor of conjugal slavery. (Get Out/They Live meets Klute)

EUGENIE (Feature Film)

A contained psychological horror about an elderly woman (Eugenie) living by herself in Toronto Community Housing who discovers an evil presence that she must rid from her home before her estranged son returns for the Christmas holidays. (His House meets Pan’s Labyrinth.)


In turn-of-the century New Orleans, a mysterious woman’s purchase of a brothel house, stirs up controversy amongst rival madams, pimps and jazz musicians in this fictionalized account of the real-life characters that inhabited America’s first legalized red light district. (Deadwood meets the Jazz Age)

COKE (limited series)

An historical drama chronicling the rise and fall of Lester “Jim Brown” Coke and his illegitimate son Christopher Dudus Coke and the fiefdom they created and rule over from the late sixties to the present day in the ghettoes of West Kingston. (Last King of Scotland meets City of God)


Set in the mystical world of Ancient Israel during the reign of the legendary King Solomon, this pilot charts the fall of an empire as seen through the King's wives and concubines living in the lap of lascivious luxury and cut-throat duplicity. (Rome meets Game of Thrones)

GENESIS 9:7 (TV Series)

In a grossly overpopulated world governed by “age expiration laws”, an Age Officer, named Lazarus tracks down citizens who break the law. (Gattaca meets Minority Report)


A soapy ensemble centred around the cut throat competition between grassroots AAU teams in the basketball hotbed of Toronto, Canada. We will experience the city’s obsession through five characters: a reluctant superstar unwilling to play for his hometown, the phenom that blows out his knee, a grade school nerd with a hyperactive pituitary gland, a refugee who’s never even held a basketball but just might be the chosen one, and his retired coach who can’t let go of the game that destroyed his life.


A reclusive black billionaire haunted by her past returns to the impoverished gang infested community she grew up in and opens a state of the art charter school. Her unorthodox, new-age pedagogy is met with bureaucratic, corporate and community resistance.


A contemporary re-imagining of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein set in the world of regenerative science and military experimentation where a super soldier created from the cadavers of other dead veterans strives to understand his humanity by tracing the origins of his disparate body parts.